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Health and Fitness for Older Adults

Health and Fitness for Older Adults

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This is a freelance project, a mockup for a personal trainer friend who was interested in creating an informational site for older adults as an adjunct to his main site. The name and phone number have been changed, as I didn't want searches to find this site and have potential clients wondering why the site was hanging off my domain. If you click "Our Main Site" in the menu bar, you can visit his site and compare how I styled this one as a complement to his original pages.

This site uses HTML and CSS only. In lieu of Bootstrap, I used a grid system and navigation scheme adapted from a Pluralsight course. The header layout is home grown, using the client's logo. I took inspiration from hues in the logo, different ones than his main site used. I think they work great with the skin tones! The links in the navigation bar don't go anywhere, except for the main site link.

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